We are Ready to save
ALL Kenyan children

Missing Child Kenya was founded in July 2016. We realised most parents do not know what to do when a child goes missing.

They also do not know the existing organisations that can help in such times. No family should have to deal with the trauma of a missing child alone. Missing Child Kenya is a community driven platform – sharing of alerts and provision of tips is done by the people who receive the distributed alerts; our eyes and ears on the ground.

We have focused a lot on creating awareness on the issue of missing children and we also educate all partners that we have had the opportunity to work with on best practices when it comes to handling missing children cases. One step at a time but we believe all our concerted efforts will get us to a point for strength in collaboration.

Why We Do This ?

Lack of Data – Kenya lacks an updated comprehensive database on missing children and we believe this is a step towards documenting all the cases we come across digitally so that the data can be used to solve the problem.

Orphanage Trafficking – Around the world, an estimated 8 million children are living in orphanages, despite the fact that 80% of these children are not orphans. Some unscrupulous owners of children’s homes collect lost and found children and keep them, using them to attract donor funding without informing the authorities. This is illegal and denies children who are being actively searched for by their families a chance of reunification.

Leveraging on community & Tech

The number of active internet users in Kenya has increased significantly, giving families a faster way and a bigger network when communicating about missing children. Missing Child Kenya depends a lot on the social good of individuals across Kenya, especially those on the internet space or in online communities.

When you share a missing child alert, you are making your much valued individual contribution to reuniting a missing child with their family. The Kenyan online community is of great help as they are our eyes and ears on the ground. The power of the hashtag has really helped make our alerts available all over. You can search for a missing child on our online database by simply using the hashtag #MissingChildKE

The Team

Maryana Munyendo

Maryana Munyendo

Founder & Executive Director

Esapari J. Sikote

Esapari J. Sikote

IT Officer