AS Roma Partnership on Missing Children

On June 30th 2019, AS Roma launched a social media campaign with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States and Telefono Azzurro in Italy around incoming transfer announcements aimed at raising awareness about missing children around the world.
Since launching the campaign, British charity Missing People, Spanish charity SOSDesaparecidos and Kenyan charity Missing Child Kenya have partnered with Roma to use the campaign to raise awareness in the hope of locating children missing in the United Kingdom, Spain and Kenya.

Missing Child Kenya is the 1st African charity to partner with #ASRoma on the Missing Children social campaign. In 2019, Roma are taking a completely different approach to announcing new signings – in an effort to use the club’s extensive digital media following and presence for social good. With each player signing announcement the club makes this summer, a video will be released that will feature the faces and details of a number of children who are currently missing – with the goal of generating publicity that could result in someone, somewhere, offering valuable information about the whereabouts of the missing child. Missing children from Kenya will feature in a future video announcement.
AS Roma has a big following in Kenya and Africa and a large following on their English-language Twitter account. A fan from Kenya actually tweeted Roma asking to help find missing children in Kenya:

The campaign has received very impressive response in terms of millions of views on the video links of missing children alongside the club’s new transfers with CNN announcing the initiative :