Innovative, strategic thinker and problems solver, Jennifer Kaberi or as people know her Jenny has over 15 years of experience in the children sector. She has worked across Africa with children in different capacities from a social worker in Kenya, an Advisor in Malawi and currently Advocacy lead at the regional level. Jennifer believes that the future and promise of Africa is with her children and thus the need to invest in them and get their voices heard. Jennifer founded Mtoto News to fill in the gap of lack of balanced content on children in both mainstream and digital media. She believes that technology is a tool that has the potential of solving some of the biggest challenges that face children. Leading a team of dynamic and energetic young people at Mtoto News, Jennifer believes, the change we want begins with us and not them. She is on board at advisory level as a voice in child protection advocacy and the voice of the children too.


Patrick is a security agent professional with over 10 years of experience having a keen sense of justice and drive to enforce the law and provide re-assurance to the public. He holds a BA in Security Studies and Criminology and is pursuing an MA in Criminology and Social Order. He has proven competence in community orientation, criminal investigation, conflict resolutions, observations, surveillance and intelligence collection.
Patrick is a distinguished recipient of the United Nations Medal for qualifying service as a member of the International Police Service (IPS), a Letter of Commendation for good work in Liberia Peace Keeping Mission from the United States of America, Regional Security Office and a letter of commendation for good work from the Republic of Kenya.
He brings on board advisory expertise on forensic investigation, emergency response, incident management, physical security, access control, personnel security, intelligence collection and work violence investigation.


Heidi Mumia is a public sector professional with extensive experience and interest in Public Policy,
Governance and Local Economic Development. She currently works in the field of Gender Equality and
Women Empowerment in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs in the Republic of Kenya.
Heidi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from Maseno University and she is an alumna of
the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa and The Hague Academy for Local Governance. She is
currently participating in the second cohort of the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC)
program. Heidi previously worked with a Compassion International assisted projected where she gained
knowledge and experience in holistic child development. She brings on board at advisory level strength in
policy and governance.


Judy Krysik is associate director and associate professor in the School of Social Work at ASU, and is director
of the Center for Child Well-Being. Her research interests include the prevention of child maltreatment among
infants and toddlers, the efficacy of specialized court programs directed at young children removed for reasons
of child maltreatment, and the practice of child protective services. She works extensively with state entities to
better understand issues of child maltreatment and how to address them.
She has developed child safety prevention programming that is utilized in schools and preschools across the
nation. Currently she is working on the evaluation of an evidence based program known as Safe Baby Court
Teams. She leads the Advanced Child Welfare Training Academy as well as the Citizen Review Panel
Program which convenes groups of citizens across the state to examine and make recommendations for the
improvement of child welfare practice and policy. She brings on board strength in prevention strategies on child


Nekesa Were is the Managing Director at the iHub – Nairobi’s Innovation Hub. The iHub brings together
technologists, investors, tech companies, researchers and hackers. Nekesa has more than 10 years’
experience in leadership, human resource management, operations and communications. Nekesa is
passionate about developing and executing the strategy that will provide the foundation and stability for the
iHub to lead the innovation agenda and drive the innovation conversation in the Kenyan, African and global
technology sector. Nekesa has been with the iHub for 7 years. During this time over 400 companies have
come out of the iHub, making it one of the most successful innovation hubs globally, and the iHub itself has
gone on to launch various initiatives including research, software consulting and hardware development.
Nekesa is also the founder of Inspire Harvest, a Kenya based Digital Communications and Operations
Management Company, which develops and executes the digital strategies of several of Kenya’s most
influential grassroots governance NGOs working on transparency, accountability and developing leaders.
Nekesa volunteers at Uzima Foundation, an African foundation focusing on youth empowerment, and is an
avid rugby fan. She sits on the boards of Afrilabs a Pan African network of over 150 hubs in Africa and
Creatives Garage a multidisplinary space for creatives. She brings to the advisory board expertise in
technology and innovation.