Missing Child Kenya Storytelling Partnership with TUKO

Missing Child Kenya is pleased to announce a storytelling partnership with TUKO.co.ke – the biggest news website in Kenya with a monthly audience of 6 million users. Under the parenting segment of Tuko Family, the partnership shall cover stories of missing, displaced/lost and found children whose voice is still not heard. Together we can make Kenya … Read more

Cabinet Approves Children Bill 2020

His Excellency The President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta on 25 February 2021 chaired a Cabinet Meeting at State House, Nairobi. At the sitting, Cabinet considered various Bills, Policies, and Treaties that seek to further anchor the continued implementation of the Administration’s Transformative Agenda for Kenya. To promote the wellness of Kenya, and … Read more

Forensic Imaging :Age Progression Service for Missing Kenyan Children.

Missing Child Kenya has embarked on a landmark partnership with Italian Missing Children Institute that will provide support for forensic imaging, photographic manipulation techniques, facial reconstruction techniques, adult age progression and photo repair of their database of missing Kenyan children.The Italian Missing Children Institute is a service that puts the analysis methodologies of Forensic Anthropology … Read more

Missing on purpose: what happens when a person does not want to be found?

We explore why a person may choose to go missing Whether a person goes missing intentionally or unintentionally, there is almost always vulnerability involved. Usually it is impossible to know whether a person has left intentionally, hence the need for a sound search effort to find them. Those who “choose” to go missing, in contrast … Read more

Day of the African Child 2020 – Access to a Child-Friendly Justice System in Africa.

Every year on 16 June, the African Union and its Member States observe the Day of the African Child (DAC) as a commemoration of the 16th June 1976 student uprising in Soweto, South Africa, where students who marched in protest against apartheid-inspired education, were brutally murdered. To celebrate the children of Africa and calls for … Read more

Child Safety at the Mall

One of the challenges of being a guardian is teaching your children to be cautious without filling them with fear or anxiety. Talk to your children about safety, and give them the basic know how on avoiding and escaping potentially dangerous situations. A lot can go on in an uncontrolled environment away from home, especially … Read more