Child Safety at the Mall

One of the challenges of being a guardian is teaching your children to be cautious without filling them with fear or anxiety. Talk to your children about safety, and give them the basic know how on avoiding and escaping potentially dangerous situations. A lot can go on in an uncontrolled environment away from home, especially if you have uncontrollable children. Things can get out of hand in big crowds and so much to be distracted by. While as parents we want to ensure that nothing goes wrong, it is impossible to counter, or even be completely aware of all the potential dangers outdoors. Here are the 10 tips we can use to ensure that our children are atleast safe in malls or any other crowded place.
1. Ensure your child is close to you. Do not allow them to wonder off in the mall, the child should be able to see you and vice versa all times.
2. Inform the security guards at the entrance and exit if the child has a tendency of running away or even wondering off, this will help the guards get a head in case of such an incidence.
3. Tag someone along if you are with more than one child and all are uncontrollable. This will help ease the work.
4. Do not carry gadgets to the mall as they may distract you from the children and vice versa.
5. Talk to the children if they can understand you that they should never leave the mall to find you. Assure them that you can never leave without them.
6. Talk to your children about safe strangers, they may include uniformed officers or security guys cashiers or even shelve attendants

7.Check with me first rule, older children should check with you before going anywhere public be it the ladies to avoid the confusion of thinking someone is lost.
7. Teach your children your telephone number, ensure they know your full name, and if you have a car they should be able to remember the plate and the car this will help them contact you in case they get lost or they panic.
8. Never accept sweets or gifts from strangers. Because they can be used to lure you into being kidnapped or worse
9. If the child is lost, the first few hours are the most crucial in missing-child cases. Therefore it is important to contact your local police and give them information all about your child right away.

Article by:

Caroline Mwende Mutua

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  1. Great Insights on child protection and safety. It very common nowadays not to miss cases of young children getting lost on public spaces. Let’s care of the general well-being of children all around!

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