Forensic Imaging :Age Progression Service for Missing Kenyan Children.

Missing Child Kenya has embarked on a landmark partnership with Italian Missing Children Institute that will provide support for forensic imaging, photographic manipulation techniques, facial reconstruction techniques, adult age progression and photo repair of their database of missing Kenyan children.
The Italian Missing Children Institute is a service that puts the analysis methodologies of Forensic Anthropology at the disposal of missing children.
The technique of age progression is based on the observation of the physiognomic characteristics of an individual. Through this technique it is possible to perceive an excellent efficacy in the observation of the physiognomic traits and their similarity with the closest relatives, such as father, mother, brothers and / or sisters.
On the face of a child or boy age progression technique can observe that there are traits more similar to one parent rather than the other. For example, if the child has a nose similar in shape to that of the father, it is likely that the morphology of that nose will change similarly to that of the father with increasing age. This applies to every physiognomic element.
What will ultimately be obtained is a composition of elements derived from the parents or siblings that will be modified according to the presumed age of the missing person. The usefulness of applying this technique lies in being able to update the mug shots of the missing children every 2 years and, for individuals over the age of 18, every 5 years. In this way it is possible to circulate images consistent with the age of the missing and therefore make their search more effective.
Attached is a poster of the first case. The child (Anita Njeri Nyambura) went missing 4 years ago in year 2016. Missing Child Kenya worked with the family to provide images of the missing child over different years, images of her parents and her siblings.
Work on age progression for the first 4 cases is underway, and images will be uploaded on the organizations’ respective platforms.

A link to the case album from our social platforms can be found here :


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