Heroes in Uniform Rescue Abandoned Baby in Meru

Mohammad Noor and Charles Kithinji who are Administration Policemen (AP) at a  bank in Meru rescued an innocent abandoned baby. While in line of duty, they heard a baby cry in a nearby bush and on reaching there, they found the baby with an uncut placenta lying helplessly.

Officer Mohammed Noor took off his uniform jacket and covered the baby and placenta nicely and rushed the baby to Meru Level Five Hospital escorted by his colleague Officer Charles Kithinji and well wishing boda boda operators who assisted.  The baby weighed 3.1kg and was confirmed to be in good healthy condition.

Abandoned babies can be left in a number of places, with the highest frequency of spots being toilets, drains, sewers and gutters; rubbish dumps and landfills; parks public gatherings  and hospitals.

Why do people abandon children?

  • Poverty and homelessness are often causes of child abandonment. People living in countries with poor social welfare systems and who are not financially capable of taking care of a child are more likely to abandon their children because of a lack of resources. In some cases the parents already have a child or children, but are unable to take care of another child at that time.
  • In societies where women are looked down upon for being teenage or single mothers, child abandonment is more common.
  • Children born out of the confines of marriage may be abandoned in a family’s attempt to prevent being shamed by their community.
  • Physical disability, mental illness, and substance abuse problems that parents are facing can also cause them to abandon their children.
  • Children who are born with congenital disorders or other health complications may be abandoned if their parents feel unequipped to provide them with the level of care that their condition requires.
  • In cultures where the sex of the child is of utmost importance, parents are more likely to abandon a baby of the undesired sex.
  • Political conditions, such as war and displacement of a family, are also cause for parents to abandon their children.
  • Additionally, a parent being incarcerated or deported can result in the involuntary abandonment of a child, even if the parent(s) did not voluntarily relinquish their parental role.

What would you do if you found an abandoned baby?

First things first – You are allowed to pick up the baby to share some warmth and love as the baby will probably be cold and crying.

  • Arrange to get the baby to the nearest medical facility for medical attention.
  • Ensure you make a report with the police, child abandonment is illegal and the Police will need to open a case and start an investigation.  Police would then liaise with Department of Children’s Services to place the child in temporary safe care in a facility, or you may be asked to have documented temporary custody of the child as a place of safety is sought.

Vulnerable, exposed, helpless… an abandoned baby begins their life in a powerless position. But that doesn’t have to be the end of their story and with the right knowledge and support structures these precious lives can not only be saved but delivered into greatness.

We celebrate our heroes in uniform; Mohammad Noor and Charles Kithinji.


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  1. Thanks for Sharing this infirmation. Good work done there,may God bless you for saving the life of that young Angel.”our children our responsibility”.

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