Make A Statement Campaign 2018

Missing Child Kenya actively raises awareness of the issues and impacts of missing children through campaigns and media. Our aim is to inform and educate the Kenyan community about this important issue. Community education is a large part of our strategy to reduce the incidence and impact of missing children across Kenya.

Community support for our awareness messaging is invaluable, thus our awareness and education campaigns are designed to engage and educate communities about how they can help. We continue to light a candle for the children that are still missing so that we can guide them back home to the safety and love of their families.

Make A Statement Campaign 2017 was born from the idea that a simple fashion statement of wearing a bow tie could symbolize the important issue of Missing Children. The championing of this cause by participating Ambassadors is invaluable to the issue of missing children in Kenya as they create spaces and opportunities for other Kenyans who are already supportive of child safety and protection to be more effective agents of change.

From collective experiences both personal and professional we understand that PHOTOS, TIME and FACTS play a big role in sharing information about a missing child. A picture is worth a thousand words. This year we are honoured to collaborate with Award Winning Photographer Jeri Furaha Muchura of Photos by Jeri for the campaign.

The 31 day Make A Statement Campaign 2018 will feature female ambassadors for the month of December 2018. We hope that when Kenyans see the Ambassadors wear a bow tie, it will generate questions and lead to spreading awareness about Missing Child Kenya.

Our big celebration for year 2018 is the launch of a toll free number: 0800 22 33 44. A toll-free phone number is one which you can dial without having to pay for the call if a child is missing or you have information regarding a child on our website.

Whether you are a concerned adult or a child, you can dial the toll free number 0800 22 33 44 to access our services. We not only respond to the emergency needs of missing, lost and found/ displaced children but also link them to services for their short/ long-term care and rehabilitation.

Our Toll Free Number 0800 22 33 44 is in place to support the functionality of case management by easing communication, coordination, mobilization, response and follow up of identified and reported cases of missing/lost and found children.

0800 22 33 44 is free of charge to the public but Missing Child Kenya shoulders the call charges. Please support our efforts by helping us meet our monthly call charge fee of KES 15,000 which is set to increase as we create more awareness about our service and reach out to more Kenyans. To support us visit our online fundraiser link and make your donation today.

To preview statements from the Ambassadors of Make A Statement Campaign 2018, move your cursor on the photo links below. For the full stories, visit our Facebook Page @missingchildkenya.