Make A Statement Campaign 2017

Community education is a large part of our strategy to reduce the incidence and impact of missing children across Kenya. Community support for our awareness messaging is invaluable, thus our awareness and education campaigns are designed to engage and educate communities about how they can help. 

We collaborated with Kenyan photographers who were seeking to give back to the community through their skill during the festive season of Christmas 2017. PHOTOS, TIME and FACTS play a big role in sharing information about a missing child. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Make A Statement Campaign was born from the idea that a simple fashion statement of wearing a bow tie could symbolize the important issue of Missing Children. Missing Child Kenya is thankful for all the Ambassadors that represented this cohort of the Make A Statement Campaign. Your representation as Ambassadors is invaluable to the issue of missing children in Kenya as you have created spaces and opportunities for other Kenyan men who are already supportive of child safety and protection to be more effective agents of change. 

Thank you for supporting our Make A Statement campaign. Missing Child Kenya is grateful for the financial support we continue to receive through the link 
Thank you Yetu Initiative for providing a match funding opportunity for this campaign courtesy ofM-Changa .

Above all…the social capital that we have gained through your subscription to our social media channels is of great worth to us. We value you as our eyes and ears on the ground. Share word about our social media platforms to your community, family and friends.

As we close the year 2017 at Missing Child Kenya, our goal in 2018 onwards remains to boost search and reunification efforts for missing/ lost and found children by sharing photo posters to as broad an audience and in the fastest of time as possible. 

We continue to light a candle for the children that are still missing so that we can guide them back home to the safety and love of their families.

Happy New Year 2018!