One Child, One Chair

Nairobi Children’s Court (Milimani) is the largest exclusively children’s court in Kenya that handles children in conflict with the law as well as children in need of care and protection (truant, lost, abused, abandoned or run away children). It is also the central receiving point for all missing, lost and found children within Nairobi County.

Best Interests of the Child (BIC) within the Justice System including their comfort is dear to our hearts as Missing Child Kenya.

It is with this in mind that we held a fundraiser campaign dubbed ONE CHILD, ONE CHAIR in the month of April 2017 to boost the seating capacity of the waiting area at Nairobi Children’s Court within Milimani Law Courts.

From this fundraiser campaign we were able to donate 25 chairs on 26 July 2017. Thank you to everyone who donated to make this contribution of comfort to children within the justice system.